COVID-19 isolation got you depressed and missing shows and social interaction? hate5six Watch Parties are here to help.

Every night at 9PM EST (subject to change) there will be a private watch party for anyone who is a hate5six Patreon subscriber. All videos on hate5six are funded by Patreon subscribers. We'll watch old hate5six videos that were filmed on that day in a previous year and there will be a private live chat to discuss the band/show/hardcore in general with everyone else who is tuned in. If there's enough interest maybe some of the band members will join the chat. VR down the road?

It's up to YOU to decide which set(s) we watch! Select a day, submit your votes and repeat for each day you choose. A link to the Watch Party will be posted on the hate5six Patreon feed and hate5six Discord server every day, so make sure you have your notifications on.

This won't replace human interaction or going to shows, but it's something in the meantime.