hate5six.com is a non-profit (unofficially), ad-free entity focused on delivering high-quality live footage of hardcore bands free of charge. Since 2007, nearly 2,000 live sets have been documented and shared in full--including the entirety of numerous fests (Burning Fight, This Is Hardcore 2009-Present, The Rumble 2011-2012, A389 2010-Present)--and spanning the gamut from small band's first shows to highly anticipated reunion sets. All shows are freely available for download and can be easily burned to DVDs for viewing on any television. Every single show is filmed at NO cost to the bands, venues, or promoters. This project is extremely expensive to run, maintain, and expand. It is funded entirely through my personal savings and through your support. If you are able and willing, please consider making a donation. Small contributions go a long way. I am sincerely grateful for your consideration and support. Please contact me if you would like to make a donation but are unable to given the following means.

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Full disclosure on how donations are and are not used:
  • Website/video hosting: ~$200/year.
  • Storage space. All raw footage is backed up for future use and for security. Currently averaging 2.5TB of data per year.
  • Assorted computer/camera upgrades: batteries, memory cards, lens cleaners.
  • Travel expenses for shows/fests that exceed a reasonable distance.
  • hate5six is a hobby and NOT a career, despite the amount of time and effort put into it. Donation money is never used for personal expenses.

Questions or concerns? Contact me!