This project stands for the redistribution of high-quality live music videos in as much of an anti-capitalist framework as realistically allowable. At its crux, music is the communication of ideas through rhythm and sound. The introduction of money into the equation invariably obscures that connection. In an era when the turnover rate in the community is staggeringly high, this site serves as a vehicle for preservation and posterity. Institutional memory is key in any setting, and hardcore is no exception. A band's live performance tells a story about a particular moment in time relative to a particular audience. The intention here is to share that story with people who could not be there to experience it, both physically and temporally, or with those who have no conception of what hardcore is.

Without an audience, a band is just sending acoustic vibrations into an empty room. Without a band, bodies are just standing catatonically in a room waiting for inspiration or some other activation of the senses. This interface between the two defines an impassable gap between seeing a live show in the flesh and watching a two dimensional projection of said show on a screen. They can never be equivalent, but there are ways to construct a bridge that attempts to close that gap. The retelling of these narratives in this manner is the sole mission of hate5six.com.


My obsession with collecting hardcore-related things as an early teen did not involve records or shirts. I feverishly collected and traded live audio and VHS "bootlegs" and ROIOs (recording of indeterminate origin) of bands. The unique nature of each live set fascinated me: the variation in sound, the speeches, the unreplicated atmosphere all appealed to me more than simply listening to a produced record. It provided context. From 2001-2003 I documented local pop-punk bands in my home scene in South Jersey as a way to teach myself the ins and outs of filmmaking and editing, as well as to be a contributing member of the community. In 2006, the creation of accessible online video reignited my interest as it provided a viable way to disseminate my work. This project has continued to expand in numerous way since its official launch in 2008.

All videos filmed and edited by hate5six.com are released to the public for free. These videos, and any portion thereof, are the sole property of hate5six.com and are not to be sold or used as trading collateral. Please contact me if you plan on using any portion of my videos for a specific project. The mission of hate5six.com has been, and will always be, to provide people with equal access to free, high-quality live music videos.

The logo represents the free and open distribution of the content contained herein. The name is a play on the area code of a specific region.

hate5six.com is forever a one man operation based nowhere.