The following projects also focus on documenting hardcore, or sharing old archived footage for your viewing pleasure.

Come Join Friends
Static Sessions TV
Feet First Productions
Moustache Pictures
BaronxBones/Max Horn
Kitchen Sessions
Tee Till Death TV*
Nothing Special Entertainment*

(* Rare archival footage)


Still-photo friends of hate5six.com:

Anne Spina Photography
Danielle P
Holding The Moment
Kate Frese
Keep This Moment
Jammi York
Lucas Henry-Ezekiel Anderson
Return to the Pit
Todd Pollock**
Wass Photography

(** You wish he had a site. Just look at any shirt with a live shot)


Cool hardcore related blogs:

Beyond the Pit


"If I have seen further it is by standing on the shoulders of Giants."
- Newton

This project would not exist without the groundwork laid out by pheer.com, eattapes.com, and everyone throughout the history of hardcore who ever documented a show and shared their work for others to enjoy. Jem Cohen's "Instrument" is the gold-standard for documentation of live music.