Q. I have a question.

A. You've come to the right place. This page will likely have the answer.

Q. I don't see my question answered here.

A. Social media DMs are no longer checked. Get creative or find me through a mutual. Or you can message me on Patreon. Yes, I am paywalling my time to respond to questions. Patrons are the ones who fund the production of hate5six videos, so I answer to them.

Q. What's up with the RATM footage?

A. idk. stay tuned.

Q. Which Have Heart shows did you film?

A. I filmed all of the ones I got permission to shoot: Worcester, MA (7/5, 7/6), Wurzburg, Germany (7/19), Cologne, Germany (7/20), Leeds, UK (7/21 matinee + evening).

Q. When can we see the Have Heart footage?

A. No hate5six footage will appear online until after all of the shows have happened, as per the band's wishes. Every show was filmed with multiple cameras and multi-tracked soundboard recordings and will take time to produce. Each release will be special. Stick around for the ride. It will be worth the wait.

Q. I don't feel like waiting. Can you hurry up?

A. No. There are plenty of cellphone videos on YouTube/IG if you can't wait.

Q. Will there be a Have Heart DVD?

A. No. Everything will be made available for free online.

Q. Will any Have Heart content be made available on Patreon?

A. No. None of the footage will be available for Early Access on Patreon. Voting is disabled for all footage/bands captured at these shows.

Q. Which opening bands did you filming at the Have Heart shows?

A. All of them.

Q. What did you use for the Have Heart shows?

A. 5 main angles, and an array of special cameras to capture slow motion, 360, etc. No idea what's going to happen with the special footage. The audio was also multi-tracked and will be mixed for the videos.

Q. How were you able to cover all of the Have Heart shows?

A. The production of these freely available videos came ENTIRELY from viewer support via Patreon. While Patreon members do not get anything exclusive from these shows in return for their support, they are the ones who funded the travel costs, purchasing of new and additional camera angles, funding the multi-track recording and professional mixing/mastering. The level and scope of coverage is because of voluntary support from members who want the best for these videos.

Q. When is the ___ video going up?

A. Every day is Viewer's Choice on hate5six. Viewers who are members of hate5six have 100% control over when videos get released. This is through daily polling on videos currently in the Queue. The more you vote, the faster videos come out. You can use the Insights link next to each video on the voting page to get an estimated release date based on the current vote totals. Members also get early access to some videos.

Example: If a video needs 30 votes to take the top slot: 1 person can vote every day for 30 days, or 2 people can vote every day for 15 days, or 5 people can vote every day for 6 days, etc. Videos are released faster the more people participate through voting. Visit the live ranking to see the top-most voted videos in the Queue scheduled to come out next.

Q. Can you walk me through the voting process?


Q. What if no one votes for the ___ video?

A. Videos in the Queue receive artificial votes every week until they're released. This allows videos with few votes from viewers to slowly gain enough votes to be released.

Q. Why is the ___ video still red-listed in the Queue?

A. It's not edited yet. I am one person.

Q. You filmed the show ___ played. I don't see them posted and they aren't listed in the Queue. Why?

A. I was either not allowed to film them or was asked to not release their video or was hired to film for them and not for the channel. Take it up with the band.

Q. Why did the ___ video disappear?

A. I was forced to take it down.

Q. Why not just post everything in the Queue right now?

A. Your attention span is limited. I generally have less than 60 seconds to convince you a certain band is worth checking out as you scroll through social media. Content overload causes the videos to cannibalize each other. Limiting the number of daily releases drives more eyes and ears to each band. This structure is more beneficial to each band in the long run.

It also allows for daily content which is one of the only ways to defeat the social media algorithms in terms of community growth.

Maintaining a Queue that viewers vote on builds that community and excitement around releases. It decentralizes control over hate5six, and allows viewers to be active participants in the community resource.

Q. Can you message me when the ___ video goes up?

A. You can use this to get an email notification as soon as the video goes up. You do not need to be a member of hate5six to receive notifications.

Q. You just released a video. Why isn't it up on YouTube?

A. It is. Or it will be in a few minutes. All hate5six releases get published on hate5six.com first, and then it goes on YouTube within a couple minutes. The reason for the delay has to do with how the hate5six content distribution pipeline works under the hood. I'll spare you the details because it really doesn't matter and you probably don't care.

Q. Did you film ___ the other night?

A. This is a list of every band recently filmed and not yet released. It is updated daily.

Q. Do you have any videos of ___?

A. Check the hate5six search engine or band listing. Also check the voting page because that band may be unreleased.

Q. Do you have footage of ___ from Hellfest 2001/2004?

A. The HF01 tapes are unlabeled and I have not sorted through them yet. You can see a list of the HF04 sets that need to be edited here.

Q. Why is it taking so long to release the Hellfest 2001/2004 videos?

A. Well, Billy, all of the footage that was given to me is unedited. There are close to 500 tapes that need to be digitized in real-time. Each band had upwards of 7 camera angles. Each of those angles needs to be restored and synced, and then the sets need to be cut together, in addition to remastering whatever audio sources are salvageable. The Hellfest 2001 tapes are virtually unlabeled, so that is an entirely separate project in and of itself.

Q. How often are videos released?

A. Videos are released daily. You can check the release growth rate here.

Q. Where are the videos hosted?

A. Videos are hosted on both Vimeo and YouTube. This level of redundancy helps ensure the videos will always be available should one of the services ever disappear. When watching on hate5six.com, viewers can choose which source the video is streaming from:

Q. Can you send me a clip/make an animated gif from the ___ set?

A. No, but I've built some simple tools so you can do it yourself. Use this to create clips and this to create gifs from any hate5six video.

Q. What are "horseshoes" and what causes them?

A. Horseshoes are the single greatest threat facing hardcore today. They are the worst villain to the OSPO (Old School Pile On). You can read more about the mechanics of horseshoes and reasons why they exist here.

Q. What gear do you use?

A. Z Cam E2 (2021-present), Canon XF100 (2011-2020), Canon GL2 (2008-2011) and a Zoom H6 for audio. Videos with soundboard recordings are multi-tracked by Landmine Studios.

Q. What are the specs for your editing machine?


Q. What do you edit in?

A. Adobe Premiere.

Q. Is there hate5six merch?

A. Check the store.

Q. Will you ever sell more DVDs?

A. Doubtful. It's a dying market and not worth the overhead. I'd rather invest more time and resources into A) making more videos freely available online and B) improving the quality of said videos.

Q. Why does hate5six need a Patreon?

A. If you can find a way to pump out as much content without needing support from viewers, by all means do it and share your secret.

Q. Can I donate to hate5six without going through Patreon?

A. Absolutely. One time donations can be made here. I also accept various cryptocurrencies.

Q. I don't like XYZ about hate5six.

A. I filmed 17 bands, uploaded 5 sets and unearthed the only known recording of Inside Out's first show in the time it took you to file this complaint. Figure out how to improve hate5six then go ahead and do it. Call it hate5seven. Goodluck.

Q. Why don't you store all your raw footage on the cloud?

A. I have about 40TB of raw video spanning the last 10 years. Hosting this on the cloud would not be cheaper than just running and maintaining my own servers.

Q. What RAID level are you running??

A. My production array is RAIDZ3. My offsite backup array is RAID 6.

Q. Who films the hate5six videos?

A. I do.

Q. Who edits the hate5six videos?

A. I do.

Q. Do you need help editing videos?

A. Not at the moment.

Q. Do you ever go to shows for fun and don't film?

A. Rarely.

Q. Why do you hate the numbers 5 and 6?

A. "hate5six" refers to the area code where I grew up. It used to be 609 and then they changed it to 856 and I haven't shut the fuck about it since.

Q. Who writes all the code for hate5six?

A. I do.

Q. What language is the hate5six engine coded in?

A. The backend is almost entirely Python with some PHP and SQL. The frontend is HTML/CSS/Javascript.

Q. How does Sage work?

A. Sage learns band similarities using a neural network trained by random walks on a graph of bands. You can read more about it here.

Q. Can you add my band to Sage?

A. At the moment, Sage can only learn from bands that are actively being tracked and have listeners on last.fm. If your band is on there and not on Sage, shoot me a message with a link to your band's last.fm page.

Q. What's your educational background?

A. I have a B.S. in math and an M.S. in computer science. I have no formal background in video production.

Q. vim?

A. emacs. Fight me.

Q. Do you sleep?

A. No.

Q. Why do you hold the camera for 12 hours straight at a fest instead of using a tripod?

A. Two reasons: 1) hate5six videos are defined by their dynamic nature. A static shot on a tripod is devoid of any emotion or feeling connected to the show. 2) I work for my videos.

Q. Is your right arm stronger/bigger than your left from holding the camera up?

A. My right arm has what I like to call a "hate5sixpack".

Q. How do you feel about Prophets of Rage?

A. They're a cover band.

Q. Will you film my band/fest?

A. It depends on my availability and whether travel is required and you can help me with that. DM me anywhere via @hate5six or hate5sixproductions at gmail.

Q. Do you accept footage from other people?

A. Submissions must satisfy the following requirements:

For incredibly rare and important recordings, or under extenuating circumstances, some or all of these requirements can be waived.

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