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INSIDE OUT - May 18, 1991

Toe Jam - Long Beach, CA

To fully appreciate how Rage Against the Machine formed, one must consider the path that Inside Out followed. By no means was "No Spiritual Surrender" overtly lyrically political, but the contents of Zack's speeches always indicated otherwise. And that trend was no more apparent than towards the end of the band's existence in late 1990/1991. Songs like "Darkness of Greed" and "Rage Against the Machine" literally and fundamentally set the topical foundations upon which the RATM self-titled was built. The speeches formed a bridge between lyrical content depicting someone struggling with internal conflict and external suffering at the hands of greater systemic forces. While many would argue Inside Out "preached", the impassioned speeches were rooted in a reality non-existent to most hardcore bands--even today. And those spoken words set the stage for the intense onslaught that followed. That organic combination of meaning and music may never be equally realized.

Existing only on live recordings, these nascent songs "Darkness of Greed" and "Rage Against the Machine" were performed a handful of times and the lyrical content has been up for debate since the known recordings of them are not the cleanest. Until now. Audio and video from the June 1, 1991 set at Toe Jam in California has circulated trading communities for years and are readily available on YouTube but the lyrics are not decipherable. Based on extensive research*, this newly released set is one of Inside Out's last shows also from Toe Jam on May 18, 1991.

* An in-depth write up on the archaeology is on the way.

Download:INSIDE OUT.zip


Unreleased Lyrics (incomplete)


When you see the flag will you bow down?
Put your hands onto your heart
Wave (?) your ??? at the ???
And I won't sit around and doubt my freedom
Until you free me (?)
I won't pledge allegiance to corruption
Won't pledge allegiance to greed
I'll stand in defiance with the ???
I'll stand in defiance of this hypocrisy
And you'll never fucking censor me

When you see the flag will you bow down?
I will not pledge

Because I...

Rage against the machine

Wake up, lift the consciousness high
Defy the system with our lives


Greed causes innocent blood to flow
Entire cultures lost in a mass overthrow
They came and had taken whatever they pleased*
And all that they left was death and disease*
My people were left with no choice but to decide

To conform to a system responsible for genocide

Can you feel the hate hidden in the darkness of greed?

My people's culture was strong and pure
And if not for that white greed it would've endured
My people were left with no choice but to decide
To conform to a system responsible for genocide

You jam your culture down my throat
Say I'm inferior when I find that I choke
You fill my mind with a false sense of history
And then you wonder why I have no identity?
Well I'll strike a match and it'll catch and
Spread the insight we need
A tiny fire, burning bright
Shedding light on the darkness of greed

I see what the search for power has done
And I see all the repercussions
The degradation of life

Of life

Life that cannot be bought
It cannot be sold
It cannot be exploited
It's not expendable

This system of greed: we've got to break it down.

* Taken from the 1993 reunion set performance of "Darkness of Greed", and the RATM version of the song. The lines in the 1991 versions seem different but are difficult to differentiate.

Reported tape lineage:

[MASTER] Frank Rosas => ??? => Spencer E (Mission Impossible) => John Swiggins => hate5six.com [digitized at 320kbps/48kHz stereo through a Zoom H4N] => Mastered by Joe Smiley from Red Planet Sound.